Best Candid Photographer in Delhi-NCR

Though typically your local guy with strobes, a bag full of cameras, and a handful of assistants, the photographer(s) have understood it that the flashy and glittery pictures, posed in the backdrop of a virtual facade of mirrors, are no longer cool.
Masters at blending,FOX Candid Photographers find acceptance at parties, despite carrying an obvious intrusive element- the camera, and make you feel relaxed and at ease, around the camera. Though, it means photography sans posing, to make it more personal and creative, FOX candid photographer(s) are happy to step in, to help you anytime, upon request or whenever required, while shooting unobtrusively, all the time. A form of art in itself, though a little challenging Candid Photography clearly has advantages over traditional photography in terms of being a more accurate documentary. As a revelation, different in an utterly way, from the traditionally posed, studio portraits or the formal, flash-powder illuminated, group photos, an English editor called them "candid photographs"- a phrase which stuck instantly with the public. Worthy, of keeping as a part of memory, these days, is a bunch of pictures shot well, unlike the earlier times when it was everything that was shot and placed in the albums, as well.